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  1. 2022.05.21Our new booklet is now available!
  2. 2022.04.26Kinsai Shochikubai Sencha tea wares have been released
  3. 2022.04.14Video Release "KYOTO WARE / KIYOMIZU WARE Sencha Teaware of T.NISHIKAWA&Co.,Inc."
  4. 2022.4.5Golden Week holiday closure notice
  5. 2022/4/1Rokurosuji Matcha Bowls in black & white have been released
  6. 2022.01.19Neji Sogimon Matcha bowl series have been released
  7. 2022.1.18Hohin Teapot Gold Cherry BK series have been released.
  8. 2022.01.17Sogimon Matcha bowl series have been released
  9. 2022.02.18Exhibition to be held in Miyako Messe, Kyoto from March 9th to 10th
  10. 2022.01.14Exhibition to be held in Tokyo Big Sight, from Feb. 8th to 10th
  11. 2022.1.8Marguerite sencha teapot series have been released
  12. 2021.12.13Exhibition to be held in Fukiage Hall from January 12th to 13th
  13. 2022.01.01A HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  14. 2021.12.20Season's Greetings and Best Wishes
  15. 2021.12.1New Year holiday closure notice|2021-2022
  16. 2021.11.10Rokurosuji Matcha Bowls have been released
  17. 2021.08.27Our company was interviewed by KBS Kyoto Radio live broadcast.
  18. 2021.08.11SHOPEE OBJECT special page opening information
  19. 2021.08.01The online exhibition “SHOPPE OBJECT” in New York is now open.
  20. 2021.07.28We will exhibit at the online exhibition “SHOPPE OBJECT” in New York from August 1st 2021.
  21. 2021.07.13Wish you the best during the hot summer!
  22. 2021.08.03Summer holiday closure notice 2021
  23. 2021.06.05Our 3D virtual exhibition of Kyoto Ware/ Kiyomizu Ware has been posted in OOKKUU HP.