New item: Magewappa × Kiyomizu Ware

Date : 2019.06.12

A new item, the Magewappa × Kiyomizu Ware, has been released.
How to enjoy cool sake combined with the brilliance of Kyoto

This sake serving set for cold sake combines a choshi server made using the traditional “bent cedar” craftwork of Akita prefecture with a Kyoto ware lid and sake cups. This “bent cedar,” or magewappa vessel, has excellent cold insulating
properties and does not cause condensation. The refreshing slight fragrance of cedar will transfer to the sake, providing an entirely new way to enjoy your favorite cold sake.
Please enjoy the brilliance of Kyoto, the beautiful, flowing wooden grain of Akita cedar, and the splendid painting of Kyoto ware / Kiyomizu ware.
A small size, suitable for a single person (400 ml), has been newly added in this series.