Marguerite sencha teapot series have been released

Date : 2022.1.8

New Marguerite Teapot series representing Kayori

These pieces are painted with stately white chrysanthemums against yellow and silver and white grounds, creating a beautiful modern contrast that symbolizes the brilliance of Kyoto Ware/Kiyomizu Ware.

The symbolism that all chrysanthemums share is that of nobility, virtue, and refinement, and it is beloved in Japan as the flower that primarily symbolizes quality and fineness, a connection that originates in its use in the crest of the imperial household.

We are pleased to introduce these new hohin teapot sets at Nagoya Table Top Show in Fukiage hall from 12 to 13, 2022.
These delightful Kayori's Porcelain Tea sets will be released from the end of Feb.