Private Matcha Set Kinsai Shochikubai

Yu Chabako-Your Private Matcha Set
Yu Chabako (Your Private Matcha Set) creates the private space of a little tea room. Wherever you are, it brings you to the quiet, peaceful world of tea. All utensils necessary for the Matcha tea ceremony, such as a Matcha bowl, tea container, whisk, whisk holder, scoop, are stored in a small box, Yu Chabako. You find inside: A Kaga Yamanaka lacquered tea box decorated with a painting of the pine trees and clouds over the Gozan (Five Mountains) in Kyoto, and an ornate Kyoto Ware / Kiyomizu Ware Matcha bowl glazed with beautiful colors and designs. Yu Chabako is an original product of T. Nishikawa & Co., Inc., elegantly combining and arranging two traditional craft items in the playful sprit of Kyoto.
Please enjoy the elegant moments that accompany tea prepared with Yu Chabako.

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¥50,000 /w NO TAX
W150 D150 H130mm

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